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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PST

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is there any public comment? on this? is there one >> i think it's for someone else. >> crystal can you grab that speaker card. all right. i guess there's no any public comment? about this. the matter is now with the commission. any motion >> move to approve. >> second. second >> second by commissioner perez. >> to approval that commissioner perez. commissioner akers. commissioner hyde. commissioner joseph. commissioner lee. commissioner campagnoli. president tan >> so moved. all right. we are going to move on to of d >> the lease doing business is also requesting a bill yard.
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some of you remember this was not two long ago she wants those permits and the englewood station has no opposition to the application >> do you want to tell you about why you're applying. >> i've had the hall for years and it's great to have other things for people to do other than drink. they come in and play hack man and play pool. i've had a team in the past that wins the championship and i want to maybe get better at pool myself and a commissioner joseph >> i have one question. you have a pack man machine and
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a pool table now. i have had it for 2 1/2 years >> when did you feel you needed a permit. >> i went to city hall and i authenticity i paid for the entertainment permit but they said there was a lapse because the former owner paid for the bill yard hall permit earlier but it changed ownership and there was a miss convulsion he still owns the pool table and the pack man machine. >> who told you that someone from our office. >> no someone in the cashiers office. so i have a question for staff. if the vendor owns the bill yard table did the venue still need
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the permit and i thought so. if i would have known i would have applied earlier >> i know you answered the question. >> thank you. >> any other questions. nope and is there anyone in evenly side station or the the police >> officer submitted his recommendation. >> there's no conditions on it. is there any any public comment? about this. you can go ahead and have a seat. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners have to take a motion >> i move to approve. >> second. a motion and a second >> same house, same call? yes marry so moved.
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>> all right. so we are going to move on to item no. 7. which is - >> i'm sorry we might have to have you make a motion on the continuance of item b i think you mumbled a continuance. >> so this is item 6 b. >> so i move to continue item 6 b to the next meeting. >> second. same house, same call? . okay. good to go >> good eye. thanks for catching that. now, it's item 7 and it's recently for supervisor chiu's for the districts ordinance. so just some background this is
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introduced before the holidays and then the commissions did ask for a presentation to i don't believe we didn't agendize this as an action so this is a point of information >> i'm from the supervisor david choosing office. it was introduced for an alcohol district. over the years the supervisors office and other city departments have been working with a diverse group. the process has been from the bottom up from the neighborhood implemented with the assistance in city government. as you know several initiatives
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have been in broadway for the top of broadway this past summer. we've seen the implementation for the portfolios that were provided in concert with the attorney's office and the best portfolios you've heard about tonight. those various efforts have been flatten with the city. this legislation before you tonight is the larger packet of solutions and it was development in close conversation with the stakeholders on broadway. many of whom are here to speak in support of it and/or who have submitted letters to the commission. there's no question there's a larger number of businesses that
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have alcohol. there's 17 liquor licenses or 8 and a half per block. there's two liquor stores on each block. the broadway track has more type 48 licenses. total licenses in the broadway include consensus track greatly exceed the limits. the existence of so many liquor establishment 2r0ib9 to the peace health and safety problems in the area. it's resulted in fight and gun violence my leadership and a public drunkenness and damaging structures. further, the large number of bars and clubs discourages more businesses in the area.
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it's been expressed the strong desire to attack for o more restaurants and cafes and other establishment. so the proposal before you today would create a new wrautd restrictive district on particles on montgomery discredit or the 4 hundred and 5 hundred blocks of broadway. in the r u d forbid the next 4 years the alcohol sales with about prohibited. beer and wine bars would not be reciprocated. new liquor store and alcohol would not be allot for the next two years were a liquor establishment that's located in the r u d could transfer it's
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licenses inside or outside of the r u d but no licenses from outside would be allot to transfer in. for those who transfer inside a permit would be required. it would be automatically expired unless the board of supervisors chooses to extend. i should note in april 2013 less than a years ago the board of supervisors passed a resolution that was the result of a community request in that situation and with the lower polk i believe horde the legislation but nicole the more thank you. wore informs 5 years and not two. the proposal as i mention before is supported by a larger number
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of community members and groups and many are here to speak. so i look forward to hearing our thoughts and i hope you'll find this proposal worthy of your support. commissioner joseph has a question >> as you know this is the entertainment commission and each one of us up here represents a different constituency. i.e., represent the industry and i'm very concerned about this legislation. i think it's a slippery slope i think supervisor chiu had a moratorium. it says under existing law the restrictions are existing to preserve the character of different neighborhoods isn't the characters of broadway isn't that one of the draws that
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brings people into san francisco to inhibit the growth of that to allow liquor licenses to be transferred out of the area and not back in is a major problem for the city and tourism. there's been lots of improvements on broadway the violence is down on broadway and a broadway has a diversity of establishment like restaurants and clubs which have liquor licenses and bars that have liquor licenses and one or two strip journalist. that's the difference of entertainment. some people go to dine or go to the clubs but recycling it this way you're taking out the diversity of entertainment along the broadway corridor which is an important part of the city.
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i hear from officer every time he comes here violence is adopt in the area. and again, i think that keep moratoriums left and right over the city is not a good thing. are our population is growing not getting smaller we need more places and our population is younger and we need more places for people to go especially in the barkingy coast. if you take all this stuff taking into consideration and the broadway is a commercial corridor what have we done to lose the violate and diversity along that corridor what does your group come up with >> the broadway district was a major issue and the idea behind
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the cv d is to increase the vitality of the district. >> okay. >> commissioners commissioner hyde. things for coming out. i'm going to disagree with commissioner joseph about the diversity. i think we're seeing a hometion. there's a few clubs on broadway and a lot of these strip clubs. i i know one of the reasons that broadway was having problems there wasn't a exist of entertainment. i don't feel that limiting them while there's a abundance of wound type of daerment is necessarily going towards diversity. and also i don't think this does
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anything to the 19 and there establishments. many times at commission we've heard how those establishments areococcus problem with these the young people coming and standing on the street and acting in inappropriate means and hanging out in areas where they have to move on. also i was wondering if you looked into a cabstand this was something when i talked to the - where are they that send people to parts of the hotel >> connoisseurs. they don't send people there because there's no cab service so thank you. i'm glad you appreciate that.
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and then also there are many, many other ideas such as, you know, having the hours open later so people can sober up inside the clubs and stuff like that and i haven't seen any of the more progressive ideas moving forward and i pope hope there's more conversation. finally, you i've been going to cab reports and when you look at the cab reports i said to say all businesses have equal museums of complaints. so again that goes back to the diversity so the streets so find ways to give and talk to the san francisco recording academy to get some of the smaller groups
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to come there and diversity the street >> commissioner lee. >> my only comment is the moratorium of 2 years is pretty short but you have a lot of empty store fronts on broadway. there's been deals killed of not knowing what's going to be happening with the moratorium now they're forced to have a 47. there's a lot of if i believe. it's requestingable whether there's financial interests people are skeptical if we want to invest people. if they're pushing this two year moratorium ways the plan to, you know, is there a tax incentive. how are you going to get renter into those empty building you've
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got the crowbar and randy across the street. there's a lot of different store front and now the cv b has been formed i want 0 hear about that >> correct me if i am wrong wasn't there a piece of legislation passed when a liquor license is not been re-established that in 3 years joe's lip weren't we worried about crowbar if the liquor license was activated in that space. >> i'm not sure what you're talking about you could be talking about the zoning. the entertainment of conditional use in that area right currently
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there are might have have been an issue of abandonment >> i think there was something before the board and i don't remember. >> there was that in west selma i i know. >> i know it was there but the first time it came around was for the broadway corridor. >> any, any constrictions have questions or comments. one thing i think we didn't make an official stance on what happened on the moratorium. we not in favor of the moratorium we are willing for creativity thinkers to come in. one of the things within here that's concerting for me if they abandon the use within a year they lose the ability to run a club. i think 2 years for more to your
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memory for a club can work by putting other roadblocks becomes a challenge. there's fascinates you know that are able to run a club but if they abandon for a year you're changing the character of what people are trying to do. i would around at this time but broadway used to work and it it doesn't work today but it's not as a result of the liquor licenses. that's the question that needs to be asked this is putting the blame on them >> any other commissioners. >> i think you're totally right there's not enough live venues there. there's no exist in comedy clubs and stuff like that. i'm also i forget to mention i'm
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concerned about the band time of use. if you took a place that was used as a club what are you going to pit in there. i know that people were talking about cleaners and shoe repairs are not floek to broadway. i think that it's really important that listen there's a lot of big buildings going up in those towns we need to keep the san francisco buildings character within that character and i agree i think this liquor license thing is not the way to do it. the liquor licenses are not the cause of the changes in the neighborhood. it's throwing the baby out with the bathwater >> any other commissioners questions or comments thank you for preparing to us. i'm going to take any public comment on this issue.
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i have quite a few here. (calling names) >> good evening. i'm did owner of club monroe located on broadway i've been there 3 years. i can't tell you everybody in 3 minutes. i remember when i came to broadway our smoking patio was there when the fights happened. there was a lot of fights and a lot of gang activities and a lot of problems. the police report is the assume way.
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one of the reasons it's stopped because two clubs are not operating. only monroe and atmosphere is operating cosmo is not doing anything nor horizon. they dropped because the operators are not there anywhere. the reason we asked for this 48 legislation is this is a crucial time right now we could change the block by having a liquor license we're not saying no to liquor sales but we are going trying to have control if the operator comes in and has the liquor license and miss back of these we're trying to prevent an experienced operator coming in and trying to do the best they have the best intentions they
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cannot do it so they turn to bad promoters >> they turn to the promotes and the promoters bring anyone they have to investment in the block or business and once things are bad they leave. so that way they misbehave. if they have a 47 how come they're not doing the right thing >> now we have (calling names). >> good evening commissioners aim president of the north beach association. we want to lend our support to our fellow businesses on broadway. many of the members are also members of our organization. we think this is a very small
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narrow scoped piece of legislation. frankly we feel that having 1748s on two blocks is sufficient for the moment. we can review this in two years. ; right we're in no means anti business or entertainment. we're excited about seeing more entertainment that's not strictly alcohol based. we want to see music and all the things that have been driven out because university drunken hoards that come to drink. we want them to eat and be entertained where we're asking for a little bit of time to settle down. there are plenty of people that will come in and take the empty
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spaces when they know there's another type of crowd. i know myself i wouldn't go down there on the we understand. i would like to go out and eat dinner and see live entertainment it's difficult 0 right now >> thank you. (calling names) >> i'm jordan. my name is my family has owned the building for one hundred and 50 years. we've lived in san francisco for over 2 hundred years. what the cv d is doing is anti business and will economically kill the neighborhood and devastating for my family. we've had restaurants and bars in it.
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and for 2 1/2 years i've been trying to open a lounge on the first floor to try to bring it up. the people who introduced this legislation are not business friendly they're from the dwellers who have been opposed to liquor licenses for 20 or 25 years. in their opinion what's going on it's interrupting our constitutional right to it due process. my 88-year-old grandmother owns this building she is selling her homes since we can't do business in our own building she's selling her home. i'm disappointed and i feel like
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property owners are being you pushed. >> i have a point of information. can you tell me how it is your shut down from remodeling >> we come into the neighborhood my partners are sports people. we didn't acquit understand the amount of outreach and admittedly we didn't talk to enough people at the beginning. once we realized your mistakes we prepared a number of information. we have a business plan that includes economic projects and from day won those people said they don't support any new bars >> who's those people. the telephone graph dwellers and
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the north beach association >> thank you. next, i have (calling names) >> good evening. i'm mike. i've been a resident of the area almost thirty years and i agree with commissioner hyde there for the past several years broadway has been strip clubs and night clubs not much diversity and it attracts a specific crowd and has been a dangerous crowd. i've been working with those various groups trying to make progress. we need a little bit of a breather to attract different types of businesses. this idea that people in the neighborhoods are anti entertainment and we're
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definitely not into entertainment we're - i actively remember broadway when there was more live entertainment. there's no reason currently for anyone from the neighborhood to go to broadway. there's no reason. we want a little bit of a breather to try to attract different types of businesses. and we don't feel that full liquor is necessary for a diverse neighborhood we're not anti fun we only want responsible business owners to come in and create a difference >> how are you going to attract now businesses. >> if people see a change maybe
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the environment is different they maybe more prone to go in there. the area has a reputation and i think other certain types of businesses and restaurants >> you have a change to the area. >> (calling names). >> good evening, commissioners we were laufrg we've been trying to get a cab on broadway as well. i appreciate our hands in support of this issue. i lived on broadway in the loose 16 years and walking the neighborhood and the street and living there day in and out as i walk the dog and so forth i've


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